Residents’ economic situation: employment status

Employment status


  • The main difference between pre and post the Covid-19 outbreak, which is seen across the board, is the proportion of residents currently ‘furloughed’.
  • A lower proportion of residents are currently retired – some may have come out of retirement to help out with essential services, or perhaps for financial reasons.

Key differences by demographic


Those aged 25-34 saw the biggest reduction in the proportion currently working full time – an eight percentage point difference.

Household Income

Households on the lowest income (less than £20,000) were less likely to be working full time, and more likely to be furloughed (18 percentage point increase) or unemployed (seven percentage point increase).

Household composition

A higher proportion of households with children were furloughed compared to those without children.


Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) residents were far more likely to have been furloughed compared to white respondents.